Call for Papers

With the Transport theme of the CERI / ITRN Conference, abstracts are requested on the following topics:

  • Sustainable Transport
  • COVID-19 in Transport
  • Transport Network Operation
  • Traffic Safety
  • Emerging Technologies in Transport
  • Autonomous and Electric Vehicles
  • Renewable Energy and Alternative Fuels
  • Transportation and Public Health
  • Transport and Environment
  • Traffic Psychology and Behaviour
  • Infrastructure Design and Maintenance
  • Logistics & Freight
  • Society & Transport
  • Others topics related to transport.

Abstracts may be submitted here.

Key dates are:

Conference: 25 and 26th August, 2022.

Submission of abstracts: January 28th, 2022. February 11th, 2022.

This conference is an opportunity for academia and industry professionals to promote, share and discuss issues and developments in the field of transport.